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privately. that's from the attorney of casey anthony's parents, cindy and george anthony. joe johns is in for wolf blitzer. >>> happening now, breaking news. casey anthony found not guilty for the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. how jurors reached this decision. the shock and the second guessing. and what's likely to happen to casey anthony next. wolf blitzer is off. i'm joe johns, and you're in the situation room. >> tears of joys from casey anthony and gasps of surprise. jurors in orlando, florida, clearing anthony of all the most serious counts against her in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. we have a release from the family. while the family may never know what happened to caylee marie anthony, they have closure in this chapter of their life. they will now begin the long process of rebuilding their lives. the family believes the jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented, the testimony presented, the scientific information presented, and the rules given to them. the family homes that they will be given the time by the media to reflect on this
testimony, the jury in the casey anthony trial is now deciding the young mother's fate. she is facing the death penalty for her daughter's death. we have complete coverage of the trial including the prosecution's final closing arguments today. here to break it down is phil keating live outside the courthouse in orlando and fox news legal analyst and criminal defense attorney, but we will check with them throughout the hour and we will hear officer florida circuit court judge alex and jury consultant who has been in court for much of this trial. but, first, from fox at 3:00 a dramatic finish to closing arguments today as prosecutors went after the heart of the against theory that little caylee anthony died accidentally in the family swimming pool. >> no person would ever make the accidental death of a child look like murder. the defendant's actions during the 31 days and her response to this are completely in consist ent with what people do 100 percent of the time. >> the defense made their closing arguments yesterday. today, the prosecution gave their rebuttal to that reminding the ju
>>> tonight on "nightline," a juror speaks. a day after finding casey anthony not guilty, juror number three explains the verdict to "nightline" in an exclusive interview. >> beyond a reasonable doubt is like swiss cheese. there's holes everywhere. >> she takes us inside the deliberation room and the dramatic twist that led to the >>> how he won. barbara walters sits down with defense attorney jose baez for his take on the victory. >> caylee would never have wanted her mother to suffer this way. and caylee certainly would never have wanted her mother to die. >>> and, justice served? many remain convinced that casey anthony had a hand in her daughter's death. so, did the system wowo in this case? a special edition of "nightline" starts right now. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, a and terry mn in orlando, florida, this is "nightline," july 6th, 2011. >> good evening, i'm terry moran with a special edition of "nightline" here in orlando, florida, where a little more than 24 hours ago, casey anthony was found
report tonight. casey anthony did not murder her little girl so says a jury of her peers. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. casey anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter caylee anthony. >> as to the charge of first-degree murder verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty. as to the charge of aggravated child abuse, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. as to the charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we all dated at orlando, orange county, florida, this 5th day of july, 2011, signed the foreperson. >> the jury in central, florida, taking less than 11 hours to reach the verdict. they did find casey guilty of four counts of lying to law enforcement officers and the judge will sentence her for those crimes on thursday. but casey anthony cried in relief as the clerk announced the verdict. after the judge dismissed the jury casey and her defense team hugged and held each other. her parents were noticeably absent from the celebration. they sat silently during the verdict and left the courtroo
-year-old girl named caylee? the accused, her mother, 25-year-old casey anthony. >> i have done what i can and i wish i could do more. >> the devastating, the defendant's parents, cindy and george anthony. >> i need something inside of me to help get me through this. >> their daughter pleaded not guilty to suffocating caylee with duct tape in june 2008. >> this is the ultimate american tragedy. the ultimate american nightmare. that's what this is. >> the child's skeletal remains were found near the home where she had been raised and, by all accounts, loved, wrapped in plastic garbage bags, dumped on a wooded side of the road like trash. >> please keep your voices down. >> after six weeks of testimony, a case that ran the 25,000 pages, the jury of seven women and five men, after a little over ten hours of deliberations announced that they had reached a verdict in this death penalty case. the crowd outside was electrified by the news. learning that the verdict would be read in open court in 45 minutes. >> pick a side, approximate a spot, pick somewhere else but don't block the sidewalk.
sexually molested your daughter, casey anthony? >> is casey anthony a selfish party girl. >> do you recognize her. >> that's the hot body contest. >> or a misunderstood loving mom. >> casey and caylee had a very special bond. >> everything has been taken from me. >> two sides, two very different stories. >>> casey is accused of killing her 2 1/2-year-old daughter, caylee marie. >> this particular case has just fascinated everybody. >> the toddler was last seen alive in june 2008, a month later casey claimed the little girl was missing, kidnapped by a baby-sitter. her skeletal remains were found six months later. nbc's kerry sanders has covered the case from the beginning. >> trial is unique because of the emotional connection that strangers can have because there's a little girl here who died. >> the casey anthony murder trial. >> dramatic evidence today in the casey anthony murder trial. >> the massive attention the trial has received so far indicates that the story has touched a nerve. >> people are shocked to think that a mother could murder her own child. >> you may be seated. >
for watching us tonight. good news and bad news in the casey anthony trial today. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first the good news and it is scant. judge belvin perry gave ms. anthony the maximum sentence for lying, four years but she will be released next week because of time served and good behavior in jail. so ms. anthony walks while her two-year-old daughter caylee's murder remains unsolved. in addition, florida representative bill hager introduced legislation called caylee's law that would make it a felony for a parent or legal guardian to fail to report a missing child to authorities dislarks law should be passed immediately in every state. now, for the bad news. obviously casey anthony does not deserve to walk free, most americans understand that. if you don't think she is a killer just the fact she didn't report her two-year-old missing for 30 days means the woman should spend a long time in prison. her good fortune that she will soon be free is directly because of the jury's verdict. so far, just one juror has spoken out. >> a lot of people might
of america appalled that casey anthony will be set free next week, the question remains why did the jury acquit her? we will have the inside story. and it may shock you. >> it she ever indicate that she was upset about anything? >> no. >> did she appear happy? >> yes, she was partying and having a good time. >> if u you think her behavior while her two-year-old daughter was missing was bad you don't know the half of it. tonight, how miss anthony partied while her little daughter might have been dead. >> the debt ceiling should not be something that is used to extract tax breaks for corporate jet owners. >> bill: president obama once again attacking the wealthy in america, trying to rally working class folks to his side on the federal debt debate. we will have the latest. >> i think the american people are on my side on this. >> bill: caution, you are about to enspe enter the no spin zon. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. good news and bad news in the casey anthony trial today. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. f
tonight's casey anthony special, verdict watch. i'm judge jeanine pirro. closing arguments ended earlier. the judge instructed the jury on the law and ordered the jury to again their deliberations. we now await a verdict in the trial that has captured this nation's attention for nearly two months. joining me with the latest holly bristow. she has been following the trial from the start. >> judge, today we had the closing arguments, rebuttal on the closing arguments for the state prosecutors. prosecutor ashton got up and went up there and went head-to-head with what the defense laid out in their closing arguments yesterday. he attacked their entomologist saying their entomologist is saying one thing that these bugs weren't here, weren't there. trying to set a timeline. he said our entomologist had more experience. going back and forth, telling these jurors why they should believe the prosecution's witnesses. then linda drain-burr is the lead prosecutor on this days. -- up there for a while talking about different things. what hit home is she said, why would cindy anthony want to get rid o
sport -- fair, balanced and casey anthony verdict throughout the night here on fox. "the o'reilly factor is next. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> bill: so who killed two-year-old caylee anthony. the jury says her mother didn't do it but convicted her of lying to police investigators about her daughter's death. is this another o.j. simpson travesty? geraldo, lis wiehl. >> the lawyer says the media was unfair and assassinated the character of his client. bernie goldberg will analyze that. >> about ho put duct tape on hr skull and threw her in the swamp? >> bill: also, what does the verdict say about america? i will deal with that. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the vial casey anthony found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter caylee, that is the subject of the talking points memo. i say she is vial because for 30 days she did not report her baby missing. 30 days. this the time the soas ye socic anthony partied hard and good a tatoo an
reports. >> all four counts to run consecutive to each other. >> the judge giving casey anthony four years in jail for lying to investigators. but she will actually walk free next week. >> caylee! caylee. >> outrage in the sunshine state and what happens after casey gets out of jail. plus, why she may still have to take the stand and tell her story. tonight shes the lega, the legt has only just begun. first from fox tonight now we know exactly when casey anthony will walk out into the world. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. the florida mom cleared of murdering her little girl is scheduled to leave the orange county jail in just six days, a free woman. her time served. this morning the judge formally sentencing casey for lying to detectives, sending them on wild goose chases to find a daughter who was dead the whole time. on tuesday the jury found casey guilty of lying four times but for the purposes of sentencing her attorneys wanted all those lies lumped together. >> because all four statements in the indictment arose during the july 16 interview between the detective and
this week, the conclusion to a case that has fascinated this country three years. the casey anthony story not only streamed live in living rooms but on the internet, sparking a facebook page and even an iphone app. out of the courtroom, the debate is still furious over what really happened to 2-year-old caylee. has justice been served? here's dennis murphy. >> we don't know. >> verdict, not guilty. >> sometimes a trial, a criminal case, grabs a nation's attention and won't let go. this has been one of them. >> the most well-documented liar ever seen in a courtroom, accuses everybody of lying. >> fantasy forensics, phantom stickers, phantom stains, and no real hard evidence. >> a shocker of a verdict that rocked the nation's richter scale. was it justice for the victim, the 2-year-old girl named caylee? the accused, her mother, 25-year-old casey anthony. >> i can't. and i wish i could do more. >> the devastated, the defendant's parents, cindy and george anthony. >> i need to have something inside of me get through this. >> their daughter, charged with first-degree murder, had pleaded
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granddaughter? >> with just days until casey walks free, the reaction. and a look back at the casey anthony trial. >>> in a trial filled with so many twists and turns, a controversial verdict is yet another. >> as to the charge of first-degree murder, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. as to the charge of aggravated child abuse, we the jury find the defendant not guilt, as to the charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child, we find the defendant not guilty. >> 25-year-old casey anthony breathes a sigh of relief as she is akuwaited of the murder of her 2 1/2-ier-old daughter and is only found guilty of lying police. after sevening more than 1,000 days in prison, casey will walk free on sunday, july 17th. >> walking free, thing that troubles a lot of people, people who thing they know what happened to little caylee. >> after a 33-day trial it takes the jury fewer than 11 hours to deliver its unanimous decision. >> a stunning jaw-dropping motion. >> a jury made up of seven women and five men were sequestered, not only from their loved ones but also from the 24-hour media trial. >> dra
to make casey anthony pay. details on that. but that's not the only breaking news. we also know why the empty chairs. why the casey anthony jury could not face reporters after voting not guilty on each and every serious charge in the death of her daughter caylee. night two of them are speak out. martin savage has all the breaking news from orlando. martin, casey anthony possibly new legal challenges tonight. what can you tell us about them? >> reporter: well, good evening, john. the state of florida tonight has filed a motion to tax casey anthony for what it says are special costs, that for going after her basically in the prosecution and also the investigation. in other words, it appears what they're looking for is some sort of restitution here. now, the state says it needs about 60 days to figure out what those costs will be. well, fit needs that long that would imply the numbers could be fairly significant. and this, of course, plays into the idea that some fear that with her fame, casey anthony may gain a lot of money. well, the state now may be looking to claim some of that mon
" with the casey anthony murder trial back on after grinding to a halt this morning. the judge called for an indefinite recess so the defense could question some of the state rebuttal witnesses. we will bring you testimony throughout the hour. here to break it down is phil keating and legal analyst arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney randy zelin. plus we will hear from geraldo and jury consultant. but, first, a fox urgent. word of a bam -- baboon on the loose in new jersey, in central new jersey, halfway between new york and philadelphia. police say several people have called in since yesterday saying they saw the animal around their neighborhoods. a driver reported seeing the animal near interstate 95 and another woman called in to say a baboon was sitting other her back porch. authorities say the monkey may have escaped from a 6 flags park but the hand dealers say they cannot be sure because they don't count their baboons. animal control officers say anyone who sees the baboon should not approach it although they say they usually are not aggressive so if you should see a bab
>>> tonight on "nightline," not guilty. casey anthony is found not guilty of murder in the death of her young daughter caylee. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> after three years, the verdict she wanted, while outside court public anger brews. >> justice for caylee! >> we're live tonight from orlando, florida. >>> bombshell verdict. it transfixed the nation. the story of the little girl, the young mother and one family's life on trial. >> have you ever sexually molested your daughter? >> no, sir. >> it all ended today in this stunning decision. >>> and, unanswered questions. how did the evidence stack up? how did the jury decide? casey anthony, not guilty. inside the bombshell verdict. a special one-hour edition of "nightline" starts right now. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city and terry moran in orlando, florida this is "nightline," july 5th, 2011. >>> good evening, i'm terry moran, live here tonight in orlando, florida. well, , t guilty.. that is what the jury decided today y casey anthony's
is casey anthony and today is sentencing day. her fate is just minutes away. we are going to bring it to you live. >> and a rude awakening for some people in the east bay. the rush to fix a big water main break. why this could cause a big traffic mess in the east bay. >> good morning, it's thursday, july 7. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec. good thursday morning. it is straight up 6:00. quick check on traffic and weather. lawrence, how's it looking? >> yeah, guys. the fog and low clouds have murder further onshore this morning. some of that extending into the bay. we are in for cooler weather. 67 degrees in san francisco. 88 and warm in concord. much cooler weather on the way. more on that in a moment. right now, -- right now, let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we have extra heavy delays out of antioch on westbound 4. we also have problems with the water main break in lafayette cause traffic issues there. >>> here's a look out of orlando, florida as we await the decision. on tuesday, a jury acquainted casey anthony of the most serious charges. she was found guilty of
announcer ] help protect your family at [ pigeons ] heyyy! hooo!!! >>> freedom for casey anthony but where has she gone after her midnight release and what's in her future. a live report with the inside word on her getaway next on msnbc sunday. >>> plus the debt ceiling crisis. the stalemate shows no sign of ending. what are the chances a deal will be struck before the doomsday deadline. >>> also ahead, searing, soaring, record heat oppressing many parts of the country. is there relief four in sight. >>> making the grade. why are so many more college students getting as these days? are students getting easy passes or are they just plain smarter? >>> good morning i'm richard lui in for alex witt. welcome to msnbc sunday. >>> developing at the moment casey anthony free. the 25-year-old acquitted of murder, murdering her daughter, left the orlando jail just after midnight eastern time. several protesters and even a few supporters were waiting for the 25-year-old as she made her way from the jail to a waiting suv outside. >> i'm here for the baby. i'm here to protest her getting out.
8:00 central of the sentencing of casey anthony live from florida. i'll see you for studio b and o'reilly sees you now. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i don't think she will be back in the neighborhood. there is too many angry people. >> bill: a national uproar over the acquittal of casey anthony. some believe she will be unable to even live in florida. the latest on what will happen to miss anthony. also, a special body language segment on the reaction to the verdict. >> i think she a compelling public figure. >> bill: why are so many democrats saying so many nice things about conservative michele bachmann, a tea party favorite? it doesn't make sense. dick morris will analyze. >> this is not going work. >> bill: and dennis miller with thoughts on the casey anthony acquittal. also, vice president biden saying some controversial things to union workers. >> i'm not supposed to say this. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. dumb, beyond a reasonable doubt
>> the top stories we are following, in jail time for casey anthony, sentencing the floor a mother who was found not guilty of killing her two year- old daughter, but found guilty of lying. the search has been extended for several bay area fishermen whose boat capsized near baja california. >> big traffic problems in san francisco, a hot spot on 101. george has an update. >> highway 880101 in san francisco, northbound lanes are blocked at the central split. chris chp, we have a live picture. this the agency reports one lane is blocked by eight disabled tractor-trailer rig. when initial conversations indicate that this will likely be out there for a while and may require a freeway closures, at least a northbound closure to clear this big rig that was tellintowing a mobile home whena trailer lost a wheel. right now, traffic is backed up beyond the 280 split, to 80 is your best bet into the city. >> a quick check on north water and whether as we look at the san mateo bridge. let's walk you through what weather is going to be like today. morning coastal fog and clouds, cooler temperatu
strides in suggesting that george anthony and casey anthony were in fact covering up an accidental drowning. >> i think they had to rebut what the defense put forward, but the drane-burdick statement was brilliant. >> let's listen in, because jose baez is asking for a mistrial which is something that typically happens. >> and asking for the explanation of where the chloroform came from and the second comment is on ms. drane-burdick's statement where she was, she had stated that the defendant had changed her story once the remains were found. this gives in this -- this is an improper comment and improper argument based on statements that were never made by ms. anthony. ms. anthony did not testify, and to make false statements as such, would be improper argument and for those reasons we move for a mistrial. >> motion for mistrial will be denied. [ inaudible ]. >> mr. mason, turn your speaker on, please, sir. >> verdict form, complete package is missing the two special finding ones, and do you the last one, frank? >> mr. mason, you may want to also inspect the verdict formsly be readi
for casey anthony begins. we'll take you live inside the courtroom. >>> and the search continues for seven missing bay area fishermen. the pressure being placed on mexican authorities as the morning news continues. >>> well, good morning to you. welcome to thursday july 7th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson for a little forecast. hey, steven. >>> all right, pam and dave, thank you very much. we have a lot of low clouds. it will be a much cooler pattern today even inland areas looks like they'll settle into the 80s for some very toasty, concord, fairfield. held onto a couple low 8 0z. i think most locations come down 60s and 70s a lot of fog coast and bay. >>> steve, right now traffic is moving along pretty well on 680 if you're heading south with no major issues. 880's getting thicker though. morning commute's also going to be okay so far in the south bay. 6:01 back to the desk. >>> well, this morning park police are looking for suspects in a shooting on a popular east bay hiking trail. it happened last night in pitt
captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >>> a juror speaks on the casey anthony verdict. and how did george anthony react to being accused of abusing his own daughter? i'll ask his lawyer as fox reports live tonight. this could be casey anthony's last night behind bars. now, one of the jurors tries to explain the verdict. >> no one knows how she died. >> and casey's parents go into hiding but where will casey go? plus,. >> we got -- >> shepard: dramatic audio from the cockpit as a crippled plane plummets toward earth. and another plane frying right into a giant dust storm. >> it was like we were riding the wave of sand. >> and the wall hit us when the plane came to the gate. >> tonight, surviving a 50-mile wide hurricane with sand. >> shepard: and first from fox this wednesday night we could be just hours awhat from watching casey anthony go free. tonight we are hearing from one of the jurors who found her not tbilty. guilty. a juror who says the verdict makes her sick to her stomach. saying that is why they didn't talk to the media yesterday saying and i quote, we were
. this is "studio b" but, first, from fox at 3:00, less than 24 hours from now casey anthony could be free. judge perry scheduled to sentence her tomorrow on four misdemeanor counts of lying. this after the jury acquitted the mom of first-degree murder, second degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and child abuse. not guilty on the most serious charges. the panel rejected the claim that casey anthony suffocated her daughter using duct tape. an alternate has been speaking saying he agrees with the verdict. >> it was the right decision made. the prosecution does not meet the burden. he did not show us the evidence that was good enough for a conviction. >> the facts not in dispute are that casey anthony did not report her daughter missing, she did, in fact, go out partying, got a new tattoo that said "the beautiful life." she also lied to police repeatedly. and of that, the jury agreed she's guilty and found she lied to the detective when she told him that she worked for universal studios. she lied again when she said she left caylee with the fictitious babysitter. she lied when she said she told
the sentencing of casey anthony she was found not guilty of the charges of murdering her two year-old daughter caylee she was found guilty of lying four counts to police officers. it could provide up to a year in prison on each count. this is life in the courtroom. maybe we do not have audio as they are talking to eat her lawyer before the sentencing she doesn't look too nervous or upset they been chatting we been monitoring this shot for the past five minutes waiting to see the possibilities of what would happen. >> they're not dealing want chatting help doesn't up posting on our facebook page discussing as expressing their feelings casey anthony being found not guilty in that murder of her two year-old daughter. join our fan page and join the discussion >> as we continue to look at this story and some of the reaction to it. we will continue to monitor this will live in pittsburgh or a shooting happen along a trail and the fog and the he is returning this afternoon and this is one of our shots from around the bay you can see have a cap of fog and we are also monitoring what is going on in flo
this girl becomes a millionaire. >> casey anthony, brothers menendez. these are all very significant trials. >> the cases that captivated our nation, the inside back story. >> the menendez mug shots. where are they now? >> inside kate and william's tour. plus, the report card. >> a new york housewife bankrupt and sent packing by her ex, a billionaire j.p. morgan heir? >> to have my home at risk is scary. >> plus, the billion-dollar l.a. dodgers split. >> celebrity coast to coast divorces. >> most people think this is the most expensive divorce in california history. >> and could maria shriver reveal all in a new bombshell book? >> hollywood, kennedy family, scandal, sex and a baby, no less. >> now, from hollywood, "the weekend "insider" is on. >> here is what many believe a very disturbing question. could casey be planning to have another child after she's set free? >> we have the latest in the casey anthony aftermath in this weekend's inside story. >> the trial riveted the nation. >> everybody is talking about and still talking about -- >> we've been o.j.ed. >> let me just say, this is so
us. the jury and casey anthony beginpe could deliberations in. -- and casey anthony murder trial could begin deliberations soon. >> from day one, prosecutors have said caylee anthony was ed in cold blood. >> no one but casey anthony had ss to all of the pieces of evidence. >> premeditated murder, evidence they argue by computer searches casey anthony made for neck chloroform, the say we used to draw the toddler. >> i started looking up clore filled. pted me to look up chloroform. >> prosecutors toward the mony apart. >> did you find any references clar fill. >> no, ma'am. >> there was a popup that will eighing -- that were showing a skateboarder. >> the expert said, not e.ssibl results of athe pop up. a humane result of g specifically entering neck-breaking into the google rch box and pressing "searched." >> whether jurors convict casey to oney may come down question. believe thators casey anthony was doing searches on her computer, that could be premeditation the prosecution needs. >> closing arguments get underway tomorrow. side is expected to take half the day. juryit will be
. a judge throws the book at casey anthony, but with time served, she will two free next week. >> her release date has been calculated as july 13th, 2011. >> tonight, i'll ask the prosecutor what went wrong. >> in the real world, people within the their child to live. and casey clearly didn't. >> i'll ask the expert ifs the jury did the right thing. >> the jury wanted to say, show me, show me how she was killed. and show me the motive. why she was killed. >> and what happens to casey anthony now? this is a special edition of "piers morgan tonight." >>> casey anthony will walk free next wednesday. today in court, the judge threw the book at her, sentencing her to four years for lying to police, the maximum sentence he could impose, but with time served, that comes out to just six more days in prison. it's the most controversial end to a murder trial since o.j. simpson, and understandably, all eyes are now on the jury. here's what one of those jurors told abc news about their decision. >> how did she die? if you're going to charge someone with murder, don't you have to know how they kil
the shirt in which she died. with not a stranger, but casey anthony. could i have 255, please? and i'll need exhibit 288. this is a photograph of the blanket that was with the remains of caylee that was found on december 11th of 2008. you'll notice in the middle of the photograph, you see a particular character, winnie the pooh with piglet on the shoulders. exhibit 288 is the bedding that was on caylee's bed obtained by their grandparents for all those months that she was supposedly missing. you'll see the winnie the pooh theme but also, you'll see exact same picture on the bumper from caylee anthony's bed. this blanket was not taken from the home of some stranger but was taken from the home of george and cindy anthony where cindy and caylee lived. the claim that some stranger abducted caylee anthony was no lo longer real. just as the claim that caylee was at zanny's sleeping, just like the claim that she worked at universal studios, just like the claim that she left caylee at zanny's house, one by one, those claims died. and by the time caylee's body was found, any suggestion that caylee wa
are nearly done. hours from now, jurors could begin deliberating casey anthony's fate. she stands accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee in 2008. for the past six weeks, much of the country has been fixated on every aspect of her trial. each day has brought strange twists and unexpected turns and today was no exception. even before the defense could finish its closing argument, the courtroom drama suddenly turned personal between rival lawyers. judge belvin perry yanked both member from the courtroom. he then issue ad stern warning and any more inappropriate behavior, they will be thrown off the case. our panel, holly hughes. in orlando, jane velez-mitchell, host of hln's "issues." drew with wdbo radio and martin savidge. david mattingly is here as well. and we'll start with you. both sides want to win. each told jurors the other side's case was flawed, weak, and full of holes. they can't both be right. what happened today, david? >> reporter: about the only thing these two have in common, they both need an ending and we're very close to getting one right now. the prosecution i
jury has reached the verdict in the casey anthony murder trial. jurors found the florida mother not guilty of killing her 2- year-old daughter. now, this case took prosecutors some three years to put together. karen brown is at the courthouse in orlando and has the very latest. >>> reporter: there was an audible outcry outside the courthouse when the verdicts were read. most completely stunned that this jury of 7 women and 5 men found that casey anthony basically had nothing to do with her daughter's death. inside the courtroom, of course, a very different story as anthony hugged her attorneys. >> reporter: casey anthony cried as the court clerk read the jury's verdict. >> as to the charge of first- degree murder, verdict as to count 1, we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: the jury delivered not guilty verdicts on all counts of murder, manslaughter and child abuse. they handed down guilty verdicts on four lesser charges of lying to police officers. prosecutors claimed casey anthony suffocated her daughter with chloroform and duct tape because she didn't want
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